A Visitor

There was an unexpected visitor. He/She/It arrived on Friday night, and the first Himself and I knew about it was when Edgar was toying with him. I’m afraid it has finally happened. We’ve had in our apartment our first Amsterdam mouse. We always thought they wouldn’t be stupid enough to come into our apartment because of the smell of the cats. But it seems we were mistaken.

Edgar cornered Mickey, and Himself and I went into action to try and get him captured. We bailed him up inside the facing of the wardrobe, intent on purchasing baits and traps the next day up at the local garden centre. (We’d seen baits here on previous visits, so it was as good a place as any to start.)

As we walked through the car-park we got a hint that two weekends to Giftmas may have been the wrong time to go to the local Garden Centre. It was PACKED with families and their dogs. It was also done over to make the most of the season.

Upon entrance you could see the small live fir trees lining the pathway, but there was also a very distinct sound, and some suspicious giggling coming from around a blind corner. As we looked at each other and tried to convince ourselves that it couldn’t possibly be true, we rounded the corner to be confronted with a train and children riding it.

 photo IMG_8087_zps3333c756.jpg

But that was nothing compared to what was around the NEXT corner! Would you like to know more?