Ice Cream!

I scream,
You scream,
We all scream
For Ice Cream!

Did I mention we had been informed of a supposedly excellent ice cream shop just near where we live? Probably not. Well, we had. And what better excuse to go exploring than ice cream?!


We found it! And going by the number of local families who appeared to be taking the kids there as a Sunday treat, it indicated good things to me regarding the quality of the product we were about to sample!

With this many flavours going it made it difficult to choose which we would indulge in first!


But choose we did (eventually). Himself went for two scoops of blueberry in a waffle cone, while I indulged myself with a scoop each of strawberry cheesecake and stroopwaffel!


All three were absolutely delicious. Smooth, creamy, and rich in flavour. I am now looking forward to going back and trying a few more flavours!

I’m going to have to get more rigorous about going for rides in the woods to burn it all off!