Prague – Part 3

The food post. I’m going to try and do this only once, but I make no promises!

Czech food is like a lot of European food I’ve discovered so far. Quite heavy, filling, warming, and with lots of potato or bread carbs on the side. The Czechs have perfected the dumpling which is in fact a good combination of both spuds AND bread! Yay them!

The secret in finding a good place to eat is to find an alley which looks like it belongs in the Goblin City of the Labyrinth…

 photo cf8da670-9469-4dc3-a191-d39ecb3058ef_zps0d579d81.jpg

… and gets narrower, and narrower …

 photo be5174a7-cd6c-4123-9ee0-f19ddbec93d7_zps8093c53c.jpg

… and before you know it, you find yourself surrounded by locals in a room filled with ambiance!

 photo d5eb402d-6327-462d-97d9-08bf055eab0f_zps0de6f9c5.jpg

Be aware that smoking is not only accepted to varying degrees all over Europe, but you can still smoke inside in designated restaurants in Prague. *cough* Haven’t experienced THAT in a few years!

Though happily, not where we chose to eat the first night! *grins*

To give you an idea of local traditional dishes, here’s this handy menu! The exchange rate is about CZK100 to AUD5 or EUR4. So, remarkably inexpensive!

 photo 9c275ca2-c6b8-465f-9b43-b8e1a0e64eb7_zps3a39daa6.jpg

Of course, it wouldn’t be a meal in Prague without beer. Our dinner companions, Rupert the Red Panda and Reginald the Meerkat, are pleased to meet you!

 photo 5d8cdbe3-f97d-43ab-b01a-f80a1532db12_zps9e3b110d.jpg

We opted to eat traditionally while in Prague, as all of us feel that part of the purpose of travel is to try new things! So the first night, one of us had the Pork Knuckle …

 photo 42f2288e-1fd5-4790-8588-22256785e178_zps34b086dd.jpg

… there was hot wings with cheese sauce, pork tenderloin braid pierced with garlic and cheese sauce, and I went for the roast duck breast with blueberry sauce!

 photo 1b55ce58-bb51-44c3-84b4-067f3a9c64fe_zpsbf6be1fb.jpg

I will save myself the embarrassment of showing you all the picture my wonderful friend took of what the blueberry sauce did to my teeth and tongue. Something about blowing a Smurf … *pulls a face* It was delicious and I wouldn’t have changed my menu choice for anything!

For sides, because you can’t NOT have a side dish of carbs, we have potato with blue cheese sauce and garlic!

 photo c61e934f-b4db-4908-96bd-dca016dbce24_zps23cb9ccb.jpg


Most of our dining experiences were variations on this theme, often with Himself ending with a traditional apple strudel. I should really bake more apples for him in Winter. Oh well, next Winter at this point! Now I’ll try not to put more posts up about food. But you know you wanted to know!