Today’s Table – Mittens and Caplet

The weather has turned dreary. With the rise in temperature came the rain which took away the blue skies, and the snow, and the ice. There is no more white stuff on the ground, there is no more ice in the canals. I’m holding out hope for one last cold snap in February! C’mon Amsterdam! You can do it!

It has however made for the perfect weather for sitting inside, all snuggled up, and knitting! Since finishing the Evenstar shawl, I have been wanting things that are smaller to work on, and these two projects have been fitting the bill nicely!

On the left I have the mittens which are challenging my colour work skills, and on the right we have the caplet which should be wonderful for throwing nonchalantly over my shoulders once the weather warms up a little bit!


I do have another massive shawl which I need to pick back up and finish. I’m just taking a little break after the Evenstar before diving back into Estonian nupps!

What have you been working on?

Today’s Table

I thought I’d show you some of the things I’ve been working on. I also thought that if I made myself show you what I’m working on each week, it is the incentive I need to have something finished to show you! This will also help me make smaller projects that finish faster to help me not get bogged down in projects like the never ending shawl which I have now been working on for over a year! Sometimes the unending projects can be soul draining. Instant gratification can really help (in small doses)!

With that in mind, I’ve been working on some watercolour illustrations which I’m hoping to have up on Ghoti Industries and Etsy for sale shortly. I’m really digging flamingos at the moment. Had you guessed?


There’s also this pair of mittens which I began just before Christmas to have something small to work on that was easily transportable to knit night. Of course, I haven’t had the time of energy to go to knit night since beginning them, but that’s okay. I’ll get there next week.


Sorry that picture’s so dark. I ran out of sunlight when I put lunch on for a friend!

So what are you all working on? What are you up to with yourselves?

Percy Shawl

I have begun this shawl once before, though never finished it. I just never got my needles in the right groove. So it sat there for an incredibly long time, languishing at the bottom of the yarn pile.

But I pulled it out, ripped it back to the beginning and began again last week. A couple of nights effort and I had already done eight repeats of the first of three charts.


It’s in 100% Mulberry Silk from Fibreworks. I think the colourway was Sarsparilla …

There has also been work on the Amaryllis Mittens.


All that I have left to do is attach the thumbs! So close!