Today’s Table – Fish Scarf

I had been planning to do this project for a while, and whilst floundering around recently, wondering what to make next I came across the hand painted 100% alpaca yarn I’d bought months ago in anticipation. All I needed to do was head out and buy some appropriate beads!

 photo IMG_3576_zps755d3867.jpg

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Today’s Table – Catkin & Silk Scarf

I have been working my little heart out, slaving away trying to get these finished! Partly so I can move on to new (and therefore more exciting) projects.

The Catkin is somewhere in the middle of the last chart. It really is an ingenious pattern. Though it looks like colour work it really isn’t. It’s just slipped stitches! And I love the texture that was created through the pumpkin section using just knit and purl stitches!

 photo IMG_3433_zps70ae6cfa.jpg

The rows are over 500 stitches each at the moment, so it’s not exactly fast going. Particularly when I realised I’d missed a button hole, and had to un-knit a row to get back to where I needed to fix it.

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Today’s Table – Mittens and Caplet

The weather has turned dreary. With the rise in temperature came the rain which took away the blue skies, and the snow, and the ice. There is no more white stuff on the ground, there is no more ice in the canals. I’m holding out hope for one last cold snap in February! C’mon Amsterdam! You can do it!

It has however made for the perfect weather for sitting inside, all snuggled up, and knitting! Since finishing the Evenstar shawl, I have been wanting things that are smaller to work on, and these two projects have been fitting the bill nicely!

On the left I have the mittens which are challenging my colour work skills, and on the right we have the caplet which should be wonderful for throwing nonchalantly over my shoulders once the weather warms up a little bit!


I do have another massive shawl which I need to pick back up and finish. I’m just taking a little break after the Evenstar before diving back into Estonian nupps!

What have you been working on?