Rubyos – Our favourite restaurant. Convenient to us just at the Broadway end of King St, we have never had a bad experience there. We were introduced to it by some friends several years ago now. The food is superb, the service exceptional, and the ambience is conducive both to a romantic dinner for two, or a gathering of friends.

In this instance we were given a thank you gift for a dinner to our favourite restaurant. Without hesitation we knew where we would be going, and thanked our hosts for their generosity, though the prices are by no means exorbitant!

We arrived late having had a small fubar with a taxi reservation, but arrived to be greeted with a smile and led to our favourite table; Front Window in the corner, watching the traffic and passers by.

We know the menu fairly well and had to pare it down to just what we would have the capacity to eat in one night! With wonders like Fried Haloumi, and Seared Kangaroo Fillet, this isn’t as easy as it sounds! We went for some old favourites, having had a mildly stressful day and wanting to be able to unwind at leisure.

Excuse my dodgy photography in this post please. Good Restaurant lighting isn’t the same as good photography lighting when you only have a small snappy camera on hand!

From the Grazing Menu we began with the Flash Fried Calamari (where the photography failed completely). Next came the Soft Shelled Crab.


Then some Moroccan Spiced Salmon.


And last (but never least) the Wagyu Beef Meat Balls.


If you have never experienced meat that has the ability to melt in your mouth before, then you simply have not lived! Each dish was an exquisite masterpiece of flavours, with the portions size just perfect to move on to the next course.

By the time we had finished eating, though the desert and cheese menus are rather spectacular, we opted for another favourite.

The Espresso Martini.


In short, if you’ve been looking for somewhere to go, look no further!
Bon Appétit!