Getting to know your New City

There were several things we did, and you can do, in an effort to get to know our new city. In fact, most of the things I’m about to describe to you were things we were already doing on a regular basis before we moved, so this aspect of the move wasn’t a lifestyle change for us; more a change of scenery.

Once off the plane, with bags dumped at the hotel, key in our pocket, we went for a walk. We were determined to see our first canal. It was only days later when I figured out which canal it even was! (Herengracht, for the curious.)

It’s one of the best things you can do for really getting a feel for the place you’re now going to be calling home. There is so much atmosphere to be absorbed from walking around and just seeing everything there is to see.

Would you like to know more?

Amsterdam City Map

It was on our first day here while we were wandering around town, that the map I had carefully placed in my pocket, wasn’t there later when I went looking for it. Being me I had a couple of back ups, but that map was a particularly good one, and I had been studying it for a few months before we flew over, so I was attached to it. It was laminated, folded to a convenient size, had 3 different scales, and all the city streets listed. (handy!)

But it was time to acquire a new one. The paper one I’d ripped out of my Lonely Planet was beginning to show signs of wear and tear. There was another type of map which I had been looking at when I bought the laminated one, it looked remarkably cool hip and funky, so would therefore be neat to try out. It was the Crumpled City map.


It is designed to be crumpled and shoved … wherever it fits really.


My biggest problem with it was with the first instruction on the back of the box. Crumple before use.


It spent a fair amount of time in my bag still folded. Crumpling a map really goes against the grain!

The problem with this is that it is a really LARGE map! So I had to crumple it to make it easier to wield.


Turns out crumpling a map can be very therapeutic!


Now it not only fits in its little bag, but it goes with Himself everywhere.


Being that it is still a HUGE map though, I ordered myself another small laminated one for my hand bag! Having said that though, we are needing them less and less for finding our way around! Go us! Amsterdam just happens to be significantly smaller than Sydney! 😉