Nieuwe Kerk and the 2014 World Press Exhibit

We nearly missed it this year, but we did finally remember to head into the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) on the final day of the World Press Photo Exhibit.

 photo IMG_1999_zpsdd6850e9.jpg

The Nieuwe Kerk is the 15th Century church built on Dam Square next to the Royal Palace, and was used for the investiture of King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima in 2013.

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Football Season

This has been an eye opener.
It’s a bit like State of Origin, only, it goes for more than three games.
Most of the streets are decorated in some manner. Some more than others.
The Orange is back on.


Then there’s what they’ve done to Dam Square …


It is now host to “Beach Football” or Sand Soccer as I have newly dubbed it.

This takes up valuable real estate that could be filled with living statues!


My favourites so far have been the White Rabbit, Death, Freddy Krueger, and Kali! Though, one day I did spy Batman …