Nieuwe Kerk and the 2014 World Press Exhibit

We nearly missed it this year, but we did finally remember to head into the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) on the final day of the World Press Photo Exhibit.

 photo IMG_1999_zpsdd6850e9.jpg

The Nieuwe Kerk is the 15th Century church built on Dam Square next to the Royal Palace, and was used for the investiture of King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima in 2013.

 photo IMG_2001_zpsf905e044.jpg

The investitures of Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, and Juliana of the Netherlands took place here previously. (source)

 photo IMG_2005_zps665411ce.jpg

It creates a remarkably impressive backdrop for what can often be the stark brutality of the World Press Photos.

 photo IMG_2000_zps818be0c7.jpg

It is most often these days used to house exhibitions and occasionally organ recitals.

 photo IMG_2006_zps2b5677a1.jpg

Though there are still famous people buried there, as there are in the Oude Kerk (Old Church) too.

 photo IMG_1997_zpsbad9e332.jpg

This is the burial vault of Michiel de Ruyter (1607-1676) De Ruyter was laid to rest in the holiest place in the church, where the relics of saints were kept in the Catholic era. The wreath in the red, white, and green of the Hungarian flag on the coffin commemorates De Ruyter’s liberation of 26 Hungarian clergymen in Naples who refused to convert to Catholicism.

 photo IMG_2003_zps76abad3b.jpg

This is the Monument to Jan van Galen (1604-1653), who kept a cool head in order to defeat the English off of Livorno. Shortly afterwards he died of his wounds. He is supposed to have said “It is easy to die in a victory for the Fatherland.”

 photo IMG_2011_zps47fd8dd5.jpg

It is a truly spectacular piece of architecture, and a wonderful backdrop for the very moving and emotionally draining World Press Photos.

 photo IMG_1991_zpse4ab6aa8.jpg

Of course, just outside in the sunshine, all you can see is football as far as the eyes can see. They truck in the sand and play matches in Dam Square while the World Cup is on! HUP ORANJE! HUP NEDERLANDS!!!

I should probably admit that Himself and I don’t watch the games. But we can certainly tell you the moment Netherlands scores against any opponent! The neighbours all go WILD!

One thought on “Nieuwe Kerk and the 2014 World Press Exhibit

  1. How was the exhibition this year? In your experience, was the exhibition as moving as in previous years? Do you feel the emotions the images evoke remain the same from one exhibition to another?

    Curious to see they’re playing football on sand! Down here, they truck sand in sometime in August for a beach volleyball tournament. Interesting to think of football on sand! Sounds exhausting!

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