Continuing on our way …

Of course when you’re n the museum, the very next place that you (well, I) head is across the park to the Art Gallery.

 photo IMG_0947_zpsagwneb1v.jpg

Though in January this does mean through the Sydney Festival!

 photo IMG_0957_zpsl1w743sb.jpg

This year I had been told about an amazing ice cream stall that was in attendance, and I was determined to experience this wondrous treat.

 photo IMG_0959_zps9f7a1a1l.jpg

As you can see, it was based upon a candy apple, and was a really amazing flavour! In the Art Gallery we found some respite from the heat.

 photo IMG_0972_zpsozqr7x7v.jpg

I love this little guy so much. With his night wings, and shell hat on his head. I do kind of wish he wasn’t squashing that wee lizard under his hand though!

 photo IMG_0977_zpsu1zh35f4.jpg

The gallery never fails to invigorate and inspire me. There is so much passion and emotion locked in the bronze of the statues,

 photo IMG_0985_zpszznpoqho.jpg

… and staring out from the canvases. The brush strokes of the masters transporting you to anywhere and everywhere.

 photo IMG_0992_zpsc65habyi.jpg

Leda has always been one of my favourite pieces, and I look for her ever time I go to the gallery. I was filled with anxiety and upset when I couldn’t find her in her usual spot this trip, until I found her somewhere else and realised that they had moved her!

 photo IMG_1020_zpsd6zljpjq.jpg

There is always fun to be had during school holidays here too. I know that these activities were set up to draw children into the current exhibitions that are on.

 photo IMG_1026_zpsfkp8iafi.jpg

And yet it didn’t stop us from joining in and having a go.! I must add here though that by the time we were having our fun here, most of the children had departed for the day! Art After Hours can be such a blessing!

 photo IMG_1079_zpsikvfs6oq.jpg

I think there’s something in this piece for everyone. People should have and wear their own crowns.

 photo IMG_1085_zpswwjez41w.jpg

With my cultural inclinations quite satiated (at least for the time being), we all tromped off to have gourmet pizza under the GPO at Martin Place. A fitting end to a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Continuing on our way …

  1. And now I desperately want a gelato “apple” and a pizza. mmmmm!

    Enjoying reading about your adventures!

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