Feel the Serenity

In days full of sunshine and fresh air, Himself and I love to be out in it and absorbing the vitamin D. We miss it in the northern hemisphere winters.

 photo IMG_0321_zpsfaq4egxs.jpg

We may have absorbed a little too much, and possibly gotten more burnt than intended, but at the time, it was totally worth it!

 photo IMG_0331_zpshhmukie7.jpg

Being lucky enough to have the water and boats at our disposal led to us doing things that I hadn’t really known growing up.

 photo IMG_0028_zpszsrptrcm.jpg

And though I didn’t go water skiing myself, I had a lot of fun going out with the skiers in the morning and them allowing me to photograph and video their escapades!

 photo IMG_0023_zpsov5hjiyt.jpg

They were even willing to take our new GoPro into the water with them for some action shots! (I’m still working on putting the films together.)

 photo IMG_0427_zpspxoar1cg.jpg

There were people to meet and places to explore. This private bach in the middle of a National Park was owned by a family friend, an amazing man of great character.

 photo IMG_0433_zpsbqpa4jrj.jpg

It was in the middle of some of the most beautiful landscape in the world.

 photo IMG_0478_zpsocs00h6a.jpg

Back at the house I enjoyed watching the tractors pulling in the boats out of the water and taking them to the houses up in the hills for the evenings.

 photo 20151228_215412_zpsc15jpl1w.jpg

As our days in this section of paradise were coming to a close, I could feel the tenseness of the last year unlocking and dropping from my shoulders.

 photo IMG_0557_zpsyb46yydp.jpg

Driving back through the centre of the island gave me a different view and new sights to see. Some of the rivers and rock beds reminded me of my childhood camping trips and wearing sneakers in creeks to save my toes from the yabbies!

 photo IMG_3732_zpshysinb1f.jpg

But before we knew it we were a country away, and we were crossing a bridge that looked like a coat hanger!

2 thoughts on “Feel the Serenity

  1. The sun and sand and waves look wonderful and relaxing! I’m glad you had the chance to disconnect and relax a bit, in the midst of all the festivities 🙂

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