Kaiteriteri, New Zealand

When you find yourself in a seaside town one of the best things you can do is to get yourself a boat and go exploring.

 photo IMG_0195_zpst9xc89a4.jpg

Find yourself a cove that has no one else in it and you can sit with friends and have a picnic lunch!

 photo IMG_0232_zpsadixabh4.jpg

There were people in kayaks, it was kind of hard to escape them! Himself and I were planning on kayaking our way around, but we were there for such a relatively short time. We added it to our plans for our next visit.

 photo PC263477_zpsrxirawm6.jpg

There was life everywhere and the kids of all ages loved being able to get up close to the sea life and be able to poke at things in the rock pools.

 photo IMG_0260_zpsrbtuftyk.jpg

There were many people out and about in boats and enjoying the perfect weather. Each family picked their favourite bay and stayed as long as the tides allowed.

 photo IMG_0281_zpsapcdishs.jpg

Playing chicken with the tide does become tiring after a while though, and we headed back in for the afternoon, as we had a social engagement to meet and greet the locals.

 photo IMG_0286_zps2n4vfpzl.jpg

Not something you want to miss when the above is your view!

There is always something to do in Summer by the sea. The outside sings its siren song and requires your presence.

 photo IMG_0304_zpsxsom2mk4.jpg

One of the things to do in Kaiteriteri when the tide is high, is throw yourself off the local bridge! To the amusement of passing cars and pedestrians!

 photo IMG_0305_zpso2ckhej2.jpg

The locals and regulars put on a grand show, and are a fine encouragement for those that are brave of heart. Such a shame that Himself and I didn’t have out togs with us on this particular afternoon!

 photo IMG_0315_zpso9ozgqim.jpg

Some people had better form than others, but all were a good spectacle and nice way to spend a few minutes while walking around with your camera.

 photo IMG_0316_zpsbtfveo2c.jpg

I complimented this guy on his epic swim against the current when everyone else had just gone under the bridge; he admitted that he was a professional swimmer.

Still in New Zealand in our next episode, I hope you’ll join us for the continuing tale!

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