Het Grachtenhuis

The Canal House is a beautiful museum on the Golden Bend of the Herengracht in the main Amsterdam canal ring.

 photo IMG_5129_zpsd1ca1b4e.jpg

It promises you “400 years of canal history in 40 minutes”. And it delivers!

 photo IMG_5138_zps620fe834.jpg

There is a very good tour through the house that gives a condensed overview of how the canals came to be, and how they got their shape.

 photo IMG_5167_zps6d4c13b1.jpg

In one room there is a wonderful (and huge) dolls house.

 photo IMG_5144_zpsdb68db5d.jpg

The house has been set up to give examples of how various rooms have been used …

 photo IMG_5146_zps6acf2b7f.jpg

…and are currently used.

 photo IMG_5162_zps6f2f466d.jpg

They also have a remarkable way of showing you inside some of the more famous canal houses.

 photo IMG_5149_zpsbe2348c0.jpg

Then just peek through the window!

 photo IMG_5151_zps1880c184.jpg

It is wonderful to be able to look out the window and see the canals. They are a truly beautiful view, and it’s easy to forget how lucky you are to be living in such a beautiful city when you’ve been here for a while.

 photo IMG_5163_zps194f14a2.jpg

Its also amazing to be able to see how the houses have been used in centuries gone past.

 photo IMG_5169_zpsca049a37.jpg

I still find it amazing to be living in a city that has been a thriving metropolis for so many hundreds of years! So different from where I grew up!

2 thoughts on “Het Grachtenhuis

  1. So much to absorb from a single visit! Quite an interesting museum, though, and it seems to cover such a span of information, history and current culture, in a very accessible way.

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