Pannenkoeken and Poffertjes

Or; Pancakes and … mini pancakes. I guess. *shrugs*

Himself and I have finally been to a Dutch Pancake House, and it only took having visitors from Tokyo coming to stay with us to get us there. I’m pegging that on the fact that three of the visitors were kinderen. In fact, as it turned out, we made it to two in as many days! I was a bit pancaked out after that!

But I’m here to tell you about how wonderful they were! Not to mention filling! The first such stop was in Zaanse Schans where we took our lunch break on Friday. Being lunch I opted for a savoury bacon and cheese topped pancake. Not too bad if I do say so myself! But the real treat was the promised pancake breakfast we scheduled for Saturday morning. We chose to go here, the Vier Pillaren. (Four Pillars)

 photo IMG_4185_zps0906dccc.jpg

As I always say, if you’re going to do something, do it right! How kitsch is this?!?

 photo IMG_4170_zps4c368393.jpg

The whole place is done up and hand painted to perfection! Not to mention hanging off the side of a canal! Though you can’t really see that in these photos. Sorry about that.

 photo IMG_4171_zpsb4b8b067.jpg

It’s exactly the kind of experience I adore having and being a part of!

 photo IMG_4172_zpsf5e869ed.jpg

The best was yet to come! All hand made, on site, while we waited! I’m going to point you towards some details in this photograph. The mountain of butter. The basin full of powdered sugar. The pile of hulled strawberries. This is the good life. Take note of the griddle on the left as well.

 photo IMG_4183_zpsf774b222.jpg

As we made our selections there seemed to be a good cross section of sweet and savoury. Himself had cheese and bacon (I think he felt left out from the day before and wanted to make up for it!)

 photo IMG_4173_zps0b3deebf.jpg

There were a couple of fruit pancakes; a banana and this strawberry one.

 photo IMG_4178_zps40167243.jpg

But I had to go for something I hadn’t done before. The full Dutch experience (it’s me after all). I had a standard size serving of Poffertjes.

 photo IMG_4177_zpsc6132b20.jpg

You know. When they say “dusted with powdered sugar” on the menu, this was not entirely what I was expecting. *twitch buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!* Awesome though! *grins maniacally*

As evidenced by this picture, I think this outing was a success!

 photo IMG_4180_zps523d5832.jpg

All in all, I think it’s something I could conceivably do again. Not with any haste mind you, it could possibly wait for Winter to return, but it was delightful!

3 thoughts on “Pannenkoeken and Poffertjes

  1. One thing that stood out in the photo beyond the huge tower of butter and bowl of powdered sugar is the absolutely gigantic bottle of what looks to be Grand Marnier. Gracious!

    I’d love to give these a shot, to see how they compare with crèpes and galettes. It all looks delicious!

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