Bilder & De Clerq, a new concept of supermarket

There was an article on facebook. Fortuitously it was on one of the rare days I too am on facebook. It told of a bold new kind of store which took all the angst out of what to have for dinner. I was intrigued.

So I rallied the troop, and Himself and I set off on a bold new adventure; to buy dinner.

 photo IMG_3636_zpsf070d6b0.jpg

Oh what Brave New World that has such people in’t! Who could come up with such a marvellous idea and bring it to fruition!

The concept follows the theory that when you don’t know what to make for dinner, you go to Bilder and De Clerq and they will have, not only options of several different meals you could have for dinner along with easy to follow recipe cards, but tables laid out with the ingredients in portion sizes for two people. Added bonus is the kitchen utensils to properly prepare the ingredients too! So all your bases are covered!

 photo IMG_3637_zps897fb705.jpg

Once inside we were dumbstruck with the options and choices! The styling was clean and crisp with not only all the ingredients one could want for dinner, but also, entrée and desserts too!

We needed a moment to let it all sink in. So we took our time out the front of the store in the conveniently located on-site café. Fresh carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I was happy.

Back into the thick of it and we walked around for another good 15 minutes debating the pros and cons of all the dishes they had on offer! We could have gone for several of them, but decided to be sensible and narrow our choice down to just one dish and purchase some conveniently located on-site wine to go with it.

 photo IMG_3632_zpsea2c5a48.jpg

I came so close to talking Himself into buying brie met truffelsalsa … and he doesn’t like truffles, so it would have been all mine! I can’t think why he said no …

 photo IMG_3634_zps1ae7ecb1.jpg

In the end we settled on a pork dish with capers and green beans. We substituted the anchovies for garlic salami. Still strong and salty, not fishy.

 photo IMG_3631_zpse078ec98.jpg

Truly spectacular meal! Utterly fresh and delicious, simply and easy to put together. Everything you want in a meal!

 photo IMG_3675_zps977a7f8e.jpg

We may or may not, have also purchased dessert, and we don’t normally eat dessert!

 photo IMG_3676_zpsb0ad6c86.jpg

But how could you say no to caramel flavoured whisky popcorn?

3 thoughts on “Bilder & De Clerq, a new concept of supermarket

  1. Oh my god, I love that place!! You bought *exactly* what I did and I even got the Brie-can’t go wrong at €2.5! And the popcorn-amazeballs. The goats cheese popcorn is even better! And I bought two bottles of wine 😉 Such a food addict. I had the goats cheese and beetroot salad for dinner-yum yum and so cheap at €4 per person.

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