Shopping on the Haarlemmerdijk

You’d never guess there was a fertility festival coming up!

 photo IMG_1199_zps54a7c623.jpg

All those hand-made chocolates.

 photo IMG_1204_zpsb2d5b233.jpg

Lined up in their neat little rows.

 photo IMG_1205_zpsf26853b3.jpg

I wasn’t planning on doing anything for Easter this year.

 photo IMG_2738_zps8d38cb3a.jpg

But this may have changed my mind!

 photo IMG_1207_zps59b08f45.jpg

How can you not celebrate the coming of Spring with a massive fertility festival, and celebration of life?

I’m sure the ferrets aren’t actually going to attack the chicken …

 photo IMG_2708_zps5a1b678c.jpg

Perhaps to fully celebrate the season, I may need to acquire a taxidermied chicken … Do you think Himself will like it?

Have you got any plans to celebrate Easter or Spring?

4 thoughts on “Shopping on the Haarlemmerdijk

  1. eeee! the little wee chocolate sheep! So cute! Unsurprisingly, there are loads of fertility-festival themed chocolates to be had around here, but I don’t think I’ve seen any chocolate animals quite as cute as the ones you snapped.

    Currently wondering whether they export all the cute Easter themed chocolates from here to the States or UK; my mum sent me a care package with carrot-shaped chocolates… which were made by one of the national brands here, which we’ve never seen in a shop here. Odd, no?

    The last photo made me giggle — one of the butchers in the shopping area has a similar display, though I don’t believe he has any ferrets. Will try and snap a picture for you next time I’m there 🙂

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