Het Gezin

It was an over cast day in which our family (het gezin) headed off to see Dr Fleur.


This is how we head to the vet now. In a backpack. I really need to re-think the whole backpack-handbag thing when going to the veterinary/dierenkliniek.

Thanks to that quick (hour) visit, our fur-kids …


… made it to Dutch/EU citizenship before we did.


Ungrateful little wretches! How come they don’t have to speak the language?!?

9 thoughts on “Het Gezin

    1. It’s a European thing, to more easily take your pets with you on holidays and prove that all their shots are up to date 🙂 Given that all the different countries require different shots, this is a really simple way to keep all the information in one place 🙂

  1. The passports are also particularly useful for those who live in one country and work in another or for those who live in one country but prefer to pay lower vet fees by taking their pets to a neighboring country for appointments.

    Did you take all the beasts at the same time, in that one bag? Impressive!

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