Things we do for fun

When we have a spare moment (and we have to plan make them happen) Himself and Myself are prone to strapping our favourite wheels to our feet and heading for the park.


My wheels are different to His, because I’m a klutz and may at any point need to be suddenly stationary to not run into trees or other pedestrians. I know this about myself. I’m working with it.

Yes, I’m aware this photos is fuzzy. The problem is I wasn’t aware until after we got home.


The inherent problem with strapping wheels to yourself is that it limits the amount of photos one can take. We made great time though! 😀 These were taken the day before New Years Eve. The last Sunday of the old year.

New Years Day we decided to go back to the park but walk to see if we could find some of the devastation resultant from the explosions the night before. You see, fireworks are legal in the Netherlands. And though you are only meant to let them off within about a 2 hour period around midnight … they went off all day on the 31st December. They finally quietened enough for us to sleep around 2am I think. The cats just had the best day that day!

So we left the house on the first, and found this.


And when I read up on it later, apparently ex-christmas tree bonfires are prevalent on New Years Eve too. Though it looks like they couldn’t get this one to catch.


All those little red bits are the paper of cracker casings. Don’t fool yourself into thinking someone just exploded their mother’s rose garden!

The ducks seemed to be recovering nicely though, even with the odd bang still going off.


Vondel Park was a hive of activity. So many families all out promenading along the avenues, and the local dog walking crew were getting together for a New Years Day picnic.


We saw lots of bird life. I thought they would have flown South for the Winter, but I guess it’s not cold enough? I keep forgetting to take bread to feed them too!


As the sun was setting, and the temperature dropping …


we headed off to a nearby café that looked warm and inviting enough that it was packed! We were quite lucky to get a table!


After a hot chocolate and some kroketjes we headed on home to the central heating and three very anxious cats.

Next year I hit up the vet for kitty valium!

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