Code Orange

The KNMI weather bureau has issued a code orange extreme weather warning for most of the Netherlands …


This morning’s heavy snowfall over much of the Netherlands caused few serious problems on the roads and railways, although hundreds of flights were cancelled at Schiphol airport.


I can’t say I’m overly convinced of the Netherlands idea of a “blizzard” when I can still see grass under the snow coverage.


So far the canals seem a long way from frozen over. (Though I still hold out hope for a repeat of last February again this season!)


I’m glad I wasn’t bicycling anywhere as it seems a bit slippery to me, but it didn’t seem to be bothering the locals.


But I must say, heading out for a wander after the snowstorm …


… did make for some beautiful pictures!


And I’ll be looking forward to more of the white stuff so I can have a good snowball fight with Himself, and build a snowman!


Until then though, the world is incredibly peaceful and serene under its white blanket.


I’m hoping for more, and better photos with the next snowfall. You know, when I remember to charge my camera battery, and clear the memory card!

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