Turn on the Lights

As promised we went to Turn on the Lights in Dam Square last Thursday evening.


We got there early in order to get good placement, and were right in the middle of the square near the I Amsterdam letters.


The theme was the water cycle, and began with an opera singer being hoisted around by a crane above our heads!


Moving on to dancers in bubbles moving in and around the crowd.


Then came the dragons and bad guys! These were the most fun for me, and I’m trying to figure out how to get some for the house …


I think these guys were meant to be “evaporation” and clouds, as they released helium balloons up into the air, and then rained aerosol snow down on the crowd. Either way, very pretty!


The building was lit, and the lights twinkled and sparkled as everyone went inside to commence/continue their Giftmas shopping.


It was one of the most amazing performance art pieces I have seen and been a part of! There were THOUSANDS of people filling that square, and the spectacle was truly first rate!

We left the square after having a bite to eat, and walked home via Leidseplein.

I was sad the other day when I realised that the season has truly turned when the tables aren’t out under the trees in Leidseplein for the tourists to sit under any more while they drink their beers. Until I saw what’s there now!


Ice skating! I can’t wait to try! I don’t remember the last time I skated! This truly is a wonderful city in which to live!

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