’tis the Season!

I spy with my little eye, an Alessi Nativity!


It must mean that Giftmas is just around the corner! Yes! Why look at that! It’s ornaments as ornaments! How meta! (or inception, or something …)


Gnomes and woodland creatures seem to be big this year.



Though, pastel cupcakes always make me think of Giftmas!


If you need something a little more plush, there’s the usual array of singing … things …


Or you can have decapitated polar bear above your mantel for that really cozy (gezellig) touch!


Though you can never really be sure it’s giftmas until you’ve seen a hula-ing frog,


a monkey and a giraffe doing ballet,


and an alligator in a santa suit on a bicycle!


It’s good to see that being on the other side of the world hasn’t changed the true meaning of giftmas! 😉

I hope you’re all counting down!

3 thoughts on “’tis the Season!

    1. I thought so too! 😉

      Now that you’ve popped up here, I’m wondering how difficult the polar bear head would be to post to you … it’s a pretty awkward shape though! 😛

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