Molen van Sloten

It’s amazing what you learn when you pay attention to the advertising screens on trams! I recently read about Molen van Sloten on just such a screen, and resolved that at the next chance we got, that’s where we’d go! I’d had no idea that there was a working windmill so close to Amsterdam!


As directed, we took the tram and got off at the last stop, and just followed the signs from there. And a remarkably picturesque walk it was too!


Can you believe these are the back of peoples back yards? I’m so jealous!


This was the best sign so far, and had me giggling.


It directed us to walk through Sloten, a thousand year old village which only got annexed to Amsterdam in 1921. It’s so tiny and quaint!


I love the atmosphere of this village. If it was further away I‘d want a Summer house here. But it’s so close that I can visit whenever I want!


Out of a tree shaded walkway we then saw the sight that had drawn us here.


The massive rotating sails of the mill. This particular mill is a water mill that, by use of an Archimedes Screw, keeps the polder of Sloten above water level, if not sea level.


This is the only public mill in Amsterdam and being able to go up inside it as it was turning was such an amazing experience! We both had huge grins on our faces!


Being us, on the way home we stopped off in Leidseplein and sampled a few more of the delicious cocktails off the menu at the Bar Americain.


Pretty good way to end the day if you ask me! I hope your weekends were both productive and educational too!

10 thoughts on “Molen van Sloten

    1. The tall one is an “American Lady” and contains Gin, Limoncello, Apricot Brandy, Orange Juice and Grenadine. It was garnished with pieces of apple and a fresh cherry. The short one is a “Firework” and contains Lemon Vodka, Blueberry Liqueur, fresh lime parts, and Pomegranate Juice.

      They were so tasty!!! 😀

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