The Queen Victoria Building

It was a special day today. A day in which I got all gussied up in a nice frock, and took myself to town so that I could treat my mother.


We went to the Queen Victoria Building in the centre of Sydney, up to the third floor and the tea room.


Most pleasant I must say!


Definitely a more elegant way to indulge oneself!


And not much left by the time we parted ways two hours later!


8 thoughts on “The Queen Victoria Building

  1. Mum’s are so special – and though we haven’t caught up with her since the party up the mountain – from the time I first met her at the door at Ainslie Close she has always been a very special lady.

  2. we took misters to the QV tea room when they were 3, they sat quietly we had high tea and then we left all civilised like and the staff were agog at our two little gentlemen.

    1. I do believe, your Misters at 3 could have given a few of the patrons there yesterday a run for their money *frowns* I am not in a hurry going to get over the guy in t-shirt, camp-cargo shorts, and sandals *grumpy pants* But it is so much fun up there! and so elegant! (when you discount the patrons!)

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