Adventure is out there!

Yesterday I wended my way on down to the Quay and hopped on the Narrabeen over to Manly.


I was a truly beautiful day for it! The water was crystal clear!


Coming back I was moved (as always) by coming ‘round the corner to see Sydney all spread out before you, just like in the postcards!


Of course the Opera House looks best from the water!


But the Bridge is pretty spectacular as well!


Not that you can make it out so well in this picture of the Quay, but the ferry on the left is the Charlotte, who I used to regularly take to work! (A few years ago now!)


Then it was everyone off, and I was whisked away by a Sydney bus to dinner at the RSL. Yep, I’m livin’ the dream! *grins*


2 thoughts on “Adventure is out there!

  1. the ferry to manly is one of the highlights of my childhood growing up in sydney. as teenagers we used to go across when the seas were huge, stand out the front of the boat and hold on for dear life, once i hid in the foredeck between the rope holes and watched as giant guns of water went wooshing straight past me and the lolloing and thumping of the ship against the waves as big as houses, ensured the ride was a rush i will never ever forget

    1. Sounds like the trip we had coming back in from the reef back in August! I had a blast and couldn’t stop giggling! Everyone who was bringing their guts up and the staff weren’t overly impressed with me 😉 But it was such a wild ride! And so much fun!!!

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