Neighbourhood walks

It’s a beautiful day in my neighbourhood!


Oh my! Where have we ended up?!


A patchwork fabric shop you say?


I may have finally realised that I could goggle “patchwork fabric Sydney” and discovered two of the best and most amazing shops are in walking distance of our house. I may have asked Himself if he wanted to go on an adventure. I may have walked away with quite the stash of new and exciting fabrics … But I’ll leave those for another post!

One of the things I love about where we live is the diversity of the street art. This piece has been moving me for quite some time when I see it on my walks, and today I had the time to photograph it and share it with you.


We tried out a new café. One again it was one which I had been wanting to try for some time, and today it was not only open but we managed to walk in at a point where we could have eaten from the breakfast or lunch menus! (handy!)

I ended up with roasted field mushrooms, with sautéed spinach, Persian fetta, dukkah, on toasted olive bread…


And Himself went nuts and had the French Toast, with grilled banana, bacon, and maple syrup!


I can’t walk past the local nursery without going in and having a quick wander and a browse of all the plants that are flowering.


It made me wonder if hanging my plants would protect them from wayward kitties who like to eat my beautiful plants and then barf everywhere! (*looks at Oscar*)


Just so you’re aware, we made it into two more fabric shops before heading home. But I’ll spare you those details and instead share with you one last piece of local street art.


I know they’re fighting each other. But did you notice that they’re watching you?


When was the last time you walked around your neighbourhood?

2 thoughts on “Neighbourhood walks

  1. It’s not that they’re fighting each other or watching me that disturbs me, it’s the fact that their steeds are actually prawns. (Or crayfish of some sort).

    This post has me drooling… not over the yummy food, but over the fabric! (Please don’t ‘spare us’). 🙂

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