34 sleeps until Santa

… And all the shops know it.


As is the tradition in these parts, once the decorations go into the shops a friend and I go every year and spend some time analysing the year’s tree trimming trends. It is often hilarious, and not a little scary!


Himself doesn’t get it. He is just mostly horrified by the whole shebang. I’m putting it down to some as yet undefined childhood trauma. Silly duffer.

This year if you follow the twit stream you will have been a part of some of it as it happened. For those that didn’t, here is a quick recap. Apologies in advance for the fuzzy nature of the phone photos. It’s hard to keep still while you’re laughing.


Himself isn’t convinced of my alternative plan to a wreath on the door. But I ask you, how can you go wrong with a purple glitter stags head to welcome your guests to the festivities?


This year everything seems to be about glitter and mirror balls. Does that scream disco to you? Can we get some fabulous Santas in here?


See what I mean about the glitter? (a puffer fish, seriously. Can you think of anything more giftmas? I bought a pink one!)


The DJ’s window always come to the party and are worth a visit. This year they out did themselves with socks on sheep …


while … (wait for it) … sheperds washed their socks by night!


That’s knee slapping humour right there folks! Did you all slap your knees?

With that, we moved on back to the new food court and tried a new place. This one.


and got rare roast beef, with onion relish. roasted vegetables, and duck fat roasted potatoes.


TO DIE FOR! And under $20!

3 thoughts on “34 sleeps until Santa

  1. Love! The oh-oh-ohs are terrific, though I must admit I’m a little scared of all that glitter. It’s a little overwhelming. 🙂

    1. The Ohs were my friend being mischievous! So much fun to do though!

      And glitter. Herpes of the crafting world. Once you have it in your house you can never get rid of it! But it seems to be everywhere this year! More so than last year!

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