Himself and I have decided we have enough “stuff”. One might even say, too much “stuff”. (hence all the culling) So, at gift giving times, we tend towards giving each other experiences rather than things. Redballoon comes in very handy!

So for Himself’s last Hatching Day Remembrance, I gave him a gift voucher to something he’s always wanted to try.

And we did it, this weekend past.

Can you guess what it was?

We flew through the air with the greatest of ease!


The daring young us on the flying trapeze!


Seriously some of the most fun you can have in an hour and a half! Also, as Himself can attest; one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever bought him!

Check Himself out!

(He made the catch, I didn’t)

It may have all been a touch wearing on bodies not used to this form of exercise though … We may still be in pain …



4 thoughts on “Shenanigans!

  1. Does that ever look fun! What a great idea for birthday presents. Experiences are better than things, for sure! Think of all the great memories you’ll have to talk about when you get really old. 😉 I love reading your blog.

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