Ghoti Travels Pt2

In today’s exciting episode there was breakfast


a change of hotels


and dinner.


Then there was Dreamworld. Where we took their oldest tiger for his morning constitutional!


His name is Mohan, and he is 16 years old. Go to the drop box here for more info.

These plants make him sneeze.


He was all grumbly and grumpy and whingey because his belly was still full of last night’s horsemeat dinner!


When walking along the train line he stays to the sleepers to protect his sensitive paw pads. Makes him a quiet hunter.


Definitely the highlight of our day! Though dirty …


And it was all over by 9am. But we wouldn’t have given it up for ANYTHING! We had the biggest grins on our faces, and given that we spent the rest of the day on the high adrenaline rides, we kept grinning all day long!

There aren’t any photos of the rides. We were too busy riding them 😛

More to come!

8 thoughts on “Ghoti Travels Pt2

  1. May I share a tiger pic or two with my class? The tiger were sleeping when we went to the zoo, and the childrenz had a sad 😦

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