Walking home from work

Since being forcibly stopped from my jogging regime by debilitating shin splints back in April, I have missed it more than I can say. So it has been so wonderful this last few weeks that Winter seems to have disappeared! With the days stretching themselves back out I have begun walking home from work again.


I have been able to stop an photograph the magnolias like I wanted to, though I think they really are confused and think it’s Spring! I hope there won’t be another cold snap!


And being able to have this view on the walk home is truly magical!


I love the fairy lights through the branches of the trees reflecting off the water through the boats.

We truly do live in a beautiful city!


2 thoughts on “Walking home from work

  1. While all the shots are lovely, I must say that the first one is my favourite. What a great walk home! I imagine it will only get prettier as you get closer to summer.

    1. Yeah I LOVED finding that walk through! Right up to the point where I realised it cut 20 minutes off my walk time 😛 I need the exercise more than I need the shortcut! 😀

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