Crown Prince

The Crown Prince Shawl is coming along nicely if I do say so myself! Nearly at the half way point for the body.


The nupps are getting a little tedious, and the pattern is repetitive. This last part makes it particularly good TV knitting at the end of a long day!

I went through my yarn stash over the weekend and have turfed a lot of things which I have realised I’m never going to actually knit with (not when I have so much nicer yarn in a different tub!). I will attempt to get it all up to Vinnies this weekend coming if friends don’t claim it first *looks pointedly at a certain subscriber*

Nothing else to report at this juncture.

4 thoughts on “Crown Prince

  1. greetings,
    i do love getting your blog in my box every week, in fact i look forward to it.
    it inspires me to doing my own one day.
    i want to buy Tan one of your creations or commision you to do a lovelly shawl.
    any thoughts??
    be well my townie friend


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