I made bolognaise the other night. It’s a household staple around here, and when Mum asked for the recipe a few weeks ago, I looked kind of dumbfounded as I don’t really have a recipe. I just throw stuff in a pot!

So this one’s for you Mum. Here’s what goes in:

Olive oil
Tomato Paste
Crushed tomatoes
Carrot (grated)
Worcestershire Sauce
Brown Sugar
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper
Red Wine


Being me, I cut up all my vegetables first so I can just throw it in the pot when the time’s right. Into heated olive oil I throw the onion, garlic, and once browned the bacon too. Then in goes the mince until it browns.

By the way – biggest clove EVER! Organic FTW?


After that I dollop in the paste, then in goes the can of tomatoes, followed by the grated carrot. If it’s just me eating I now put mushrooms in, if Himself is home I skip them (darn picky eater!)

Then more dollops – Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar and all the spices. Be generous with the spices! Think in tablespoons especially for the oregano, less so for the chilli and peppers (still think teaspoons rather than just a shake).

I finish with probably a cup from a box of Yalumba shiraz which I specifically have for cooking with (for boxes, the right grape is even drinkable!).

Then I stick a lid on it and let it simmer down and thicken up a bit, while watching for the right time to put the water on to boil for our favourite pasta. We like a large spiral for ease of picking up the meat sauce!


With a bit of parmesan on the top … Perfection!


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