Happy Solstice!

It’s my favourite time of year! The shortest day, longest night, the Winter Magic Festival!

I look forward to this every year. The costumes, the drama, the magic! So much colour and laughter, with performances on everywhere you turn; It’s better than Christmas! (which in the Mountains follows straight after as they do a Yulefest/Christmas in July thing.)

This year I went as GIR because, well, why not really? How often do you otherwise get to wear lime green fun fur in public and have people fawn all over you and request to have their photo taken with you?

I may put a photo up later. Possibly. If you’re lucky.

But now on with the photos! Purely because I can and because it’s Winter Magic, I have set them all up for you as a rainbow! (which is the pervading theme each year) so these are by no means the best photos of the day, just some wonderful examples of the vibrancy of the day.







Damn I love the Red Hats so MUCH!!! (local link)



There was just an epic amount of people there this year, and each year it gets more and more popular. They may need to revise and expand how many streets are closed off for next year’s event! This next photo was taken at around 10am – over an hour before the parade was to start which used to be when the event packed out!


4 thoughts on “Happy Solstice!

  1. greetings fellow magiceer,
    ok thats cheese, but wasn’t it a great day, we got there at 9am, did the loop down the hill got coffee from true to the bean, then stood at Tristans stall and watched the parade, then retired to the Alex for lunch, awesome day!!
    loved your pics, great capturing of the spirit of the day..
    you even got JB nattering to the firies!!


    1. Bollocks!
      We got there about 10 (breaky up at Victory Theatre), and hung around down the bottom (coffee from the Hattery) to watch the parade from the beginning. Which means by the time we got from there up to Tristan’s you were LONG gone! *pouts* You missed me in lime green fur! 😛

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