Wednesday already?

How do these things happen? The weekend was a big one which began with dinner out with friends, Saturday I was helping out my Mum, followed by dinner at our favourite restaurant, Sunday was a family luncheon with some out of town relatives, Monday I struggled through at work not feeling very well, and yesterday I received a delivery in the mail which I had been waiting for from Home of Poi.

Tonight we are out to the theatre, Thursday we have guests, Friday is out with friends again, and Sunday is the Niece’s ninth birthday party (nearly double digits!!!).

In between all of that we’ve had a broken washing machine (3 repairman visits and finally a new motor), and my Dad was in hospital for a few days after he decided life was a little boring and needed some spicing up! He’s home and safe now, and appreciated the flowers I sent him. There has also of course been sock knitting progress.

So, all in all, I don’t have any photos for you at the moment, I’ve been a bit busy to upload them. But they are on the way!

Just … let me take a little nap first …

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