Never fails!

Start a new blog and then life takes over and you’re unable to work on it! But it’s ok, I’m back. I also have tales of my travels to regale you with!

I went exploring in my local neighbourhood yesterday. There is so much to see and do here.

The Orange Grove Markets were a flurry of excitement and a blur of colour. So much to see, so many beautiful things to buy.

They are an organic farmers market where all the local growers come to sell their wears, but over time have grown to be so much more!

I would happily have bought a selection of these hand-made bowls.


There’s a thriving cottage industry.


These cards were sculptural and architectural wonders!


And the orchids were calling to me, asking to come home with me.


Little do they know how little luck I have keeping plants alive! If they did they may not have been so eager to come and live at my house!

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