Cultivating Zen

We have a special treat for you today ladies and gentlemen of the audience, that’s right, it’s a post from your favourite and mine, Himself! Give him a round of applause! *claps* And remember, if you treat him very nicely we may be able to convince him to come back for future posts too! *continues clapping* Take it away Himself!!!

Something I’ve wanted for a long time now, is a zen garden of my very own. Something I’ve not yet had, however, are the resources for a full-sized one – and now that we live in an apartment in Amsterdam, it’s going to be a while before we have the real-estate on which to build one of those.

Chance favouring the prepared mind and all that, I’ve mulled over the idea of a desktop version, because this is feasible here and now, and it’s a nicely low-commitment way to try out the idea. The web is a great source of inspiring pictures, so the trap was all set to spring when we wandered around the Osdorp Tuincentrum. Among the Christmas decorations, trains and ski-gondola rides, they just happened to have a bin of wooden trays about the right size and texture. Previous visits had just happened to draw our attention to the various types and colours of ground-mica decorative fillings, so I seized upon both. No zen garden is complete without a major feature of some kind, and your esteemed blog-host was resourceful enough to direct me to the aquarium section. The result was this: my very own improvised starter-kit.

 photo _MG_6469_zps6c5a7bc3.jpg

The next thing to do, obviously, is combine them and then reveal just how limited my creative streak really is! Would you like to know more?