Tab closing

In the grand tradition of “I’ve got too much on my plate”, I thought I would share with you some of the tabs which are open on my browser at the moment in the hopes that you might also find them interesting or informative.

I’ll begin with Hel Looks. Fashion from the streets of Helsinki. It’s a photo journal of people on the streets. What they are wearing, where they found it, and what inspires their look. I love the bohemian feel, and the freedom of expression that is nary to be found on the streets of my home town. Even in the “eclectic” areas, there is a pervasive “look” which everyone seems to ascribe to here. But not so there it would seem! (I can’t wait to visit!)

In my ever increasing desire to get organised I have been re-reading the GTD book and inflicting it on the nice lady whose filing/inbox I am attempting to sort out. In my research though I also came across this, and have been re-reminded by it that I need to read The Elegant Solution. *takes it off the shelf, puts it by the bed and adds it to a GTD list*

Let’s see, what else? In the crafting corner I have these amazing felted and embroidered rocks. Which reminded me of these crochet covered rocks, which reminded me I haven’t done any yarn bombing yet, and the up coming break might be a good time to use up some acrylic from my stash! *poses like a ninja*

Last but not least we come to my all time biggest time wasting site other than wikepedia, which is Cracked. Click an article, any article, and in no time at all you’ll have a dozen tabs open to other articles that you’ll have lined up to read when you get to the end of the one you’re reading. It gets exponential surprisingly rapidly!

But that’s enough for a Wednesday night. Enjoy your internet browsing!