Prague – Part 7

In brief (I know, too late); I have seen the Dancing House, built on the site where a house was destroyed by a U.S. bomber in 1945. It’s controversial owing to how vastly different it is in design from the rest of Prague.

 photo 7db64a91-ab91-40af-858f-5c8c60d5ed59_zps83a6d21a.jpg

I have stood in Wenceslas Square, and felt the gravity of the space where the Patron Saint of Prague watched silently as the Soviet tanks invaded. Jan Palach and Jan Zajic were not so quiet.

 photo 1633d04b-bd19-4e97-960a-56ec46431d01_zps6423d412.jpg

We came across the Kafka monument one night while leaving a restaurant, and though we didn’t have time to go and see the Kafka Museum on this trip, I’d like to read some more of his work and then go and see it on our next visit.

 photo 08293cc9-b79e-472f-ad14-77b885787409_zpsf4c0963a.jpg

On our final day the sun finally shone through, and I was able to take even more photographs of the castle, this time drenched in sunlight.

 photo 0c4847f8-ac0d-4a31-b0ed-7822a6a592ac_zps15b69dd8.jpg

The rest of Prague also looked much nicer in daylight as opposed to the flat overcast sky we’d had the rest of the week.

 photo 7115ce61-77c1-4e27-a933-89823c359e8d_zpsd34ccaad.jpg

I was finally able to get photos of some of the remarkable statues on the Charles Bridge that I liked.

 photo 2d8f7824-1f0e-48c4-8891-938aa7a985ff_zps1c05ff92.jpg

I love watching how people interacted with the statues.

 photo fe8fb9fe-85f3-4331-8905-f9f8c35d53e9_zpsfa37ae1d.jpg

We walked up the top of Praha 7 to go to the Technical Museum, only to discover that it isn’t open on Mondays. But there were some amazing views to be had from up there.

 photo 7b219993-21d7-4c1f-9edd-c3fe90b62c42_zpsdc8a5995.jpg

The bridges that connect each side of the river stretch off into the distance.

 photo 179fc480-69c1-48d9-9de9-ba58bbb10040_zps67c5d5e6.jpg

It was a remarkable holiday, and one of those rare ones which changes your entire outlook of the world. There are some things which you just can’t fathom living in Australia. It is hard to imagine what it must have been like to live in a country that was occupied by the Nazis. It is hard to concept what it must have been like to live in a country that was subsequently invaded by Communism.

 photo e97acc58-89a2-4af3-9f2e-3040a19093b9_zps2d594039.jpg

The Czech Republic has come so far since the Velvet Revolution, and achieved so much.

And I am grateful everyday for the life that is mine.