Italy, Rome – Part 3

There is so much to see in Rome, that I’m just going to make a nice list of a few highlights for you. Is that ok?

First off we have the Alchemy Gate, which was conveniently just around the corner from the hotel, and right by the metro station! If you want to go and visit though, be aware that it isn’t in the most respectable area. There may have been syringes we spotted before making a hasty retreat!

 photo IMG_5329_zpsac45f38d.jpg

This is one of the more picturesque photos I took of Rome. It was a random over-pass that we decided to walk up as we were heading home from the Colosseum one afternoon. Would you like to know more?

Italy, Florence – Part 4

Today let me take you on a stroll through a couple of the world renowned galleries that grace Florence. We’re going to begin our day in the Uffizi Gallery with our tour guide Fabio. This gallery is another gift form the Medici family.

 photo IMG_4349_zps71cec143.jpg

It is in the Uffizi Gallery where you get to see works by some of the most famous artists in history. As with so many millions of people, I was utterly transfixed by Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. The form and movement of the piece are just captivating. Would you like to know more?