Italy, Florence – Part 3

I found the Ponte Vecchio, it’s form and it’s feel, endlessly inspiring. I took many, many photos of it, every time we went past, and from all different angles.

 photo IMG_4042_zps6ea07445.jpg

What I also did endlessly on this trip, was document our entire journey. Do you remember the a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I’d made my own version of a Midori Travel Journal? Well, I should have bought more re-fills! Would you like to know more?

Italy, Florence – Part 2

I promised more leather, and as we set out into Florence it was exactly what we found! I had managed to set us up in a hotel just up the road from the famous San Lorenzo Markets!

 photo IMG_3735_zps7d135d1a.jpg

I had been looking forward to going to these markets since first finding out about the online, once I got there though, I was a little disheartened to find the sales push was so intense. It made it quite overwhelming. Luckily, we were able to escape into the Medici Chapels. Would you like to know more?