A New Year

I have been putting off this post for over a fortnight now, and for no good reason I can see. I am just lacking the drive to post around here right at the moment. Better late than never though, and here are some of my New Years reflections.

We spent New Years Eve on the couch trying to keep the cats calm and the noise from the fireworks outside at bay. We were mostly successful! New Years Day we went on our annual walk around the park taking photos to document this year’s devastation.

 photo IMG_6253_zpsfc167ded.jpg

So many ducks were in the park this year! I mean, I know that it has been a remarkably mild year again this year, but it still took me by surprise.

 photo IMG_6283_zpsab095e77.jpg

Though even with all the birds, and the lack of cold weather, you can’t help but know we are in the depths of the dead season.

 photo IMG_6276_zpsf69154a4.jpg

In the opening days of the new year, both Himself and I got very productive with the gifts we had generously received under the Giftmas tree. Himself is becoming an expert pasta maker …

 photo IMG_2689_zpse636f464.jpg

 photo IMG_2676_zps9997dd77.jpg

… while after a few false starts …

 photo IMG_2674_zps68f61806.jpg

… and a subsequent lesson, I have begun making my own yarn!

 photo IMG_2718_zps5430816e.jpg

I’m ludicrously excited by this and still in amazement that I have made yarn.

 photo IMG_2721_zps55e00629.jpg

As a process, I have so far found it to be deeply satisfying, and remarkably meditative. Watching the fibre slip through your fingers and grab into the spin. Currently I’m still getting very frustrated when I can’t control the consistency well, but I’m told it will come to me.

 photo IMG_6302_zps5ed9da2e.jpg

The trees have all gone curbside for another year. Too late I discovered that there is an annual tree burning bonfire on Museumplein, so I’m going to be keeping it in the diary to attend next year.

 photo IMG_6304_zps857fc63d.jpg

As the sun set over our beautiful Amsterdam, we realise that the days are getting a little bit longer each day, and that the cold season won’t last forever.

4 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. After slogging into the office through the snow and the slush from the snowfall we’ve received in the last 24 hours, I’m clinging desperately to the thought that the days are getting longer and the cold season won’t last forever. 🙂

    Glad to hear you’ve both been enjoying your new endeavours! I look forward to reading more about how the spinning (and pasta-making) progress 🙂

    1. Happy New Year to both of you as well! I hope the new year is of to a roaring start for you?

      Productive gifts are so much fun! They are the gifts that just keep giving! 😀 Not to mention a new source of learning!

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