Italy, Rome – Part 1

All roads lead to Rome. This is where we found ourselves. You know you’re in Rome when …

 photo IMG_4935_zps4e9c0796.jpg

Parking habits in Rome make sense to Romans.

 photo IMG_4914_zps24c5e17a.jpg

I found endless amusement in the wee smart cars that were parked perpendicularly. It makes perfect sense to save space. I mean, they are as long as other cars are wide, it just looks a little odd until you get used to it!

 photo IMG_4964_zpsd05933a7.jpg

We spent our first afternoon in Rome doing what we did on all of our travel days; taking it easy and just wandering around.

 photo IMG_4974_zps2e96f617.jpg

Quite wonderfully, as we left the hotel and headed in a “downhill” direction, we turned a corner and were met by the Colosseum and ruins. Then it was just a matter of finding somewhere willing to sell us espresso and possibly an Aperol Spritz.

 photo IMG_5005_zpsba699eaf.jpg

When was the last time you saw a building where the plaque giving the year of construction read “ANNO VII”?

 photo IMG_5029_zps668a48d3.jpg

This magnificent structure is affectionately known as the wedding cake, or not so affectionately known as Rome’s Dentures. What it actually is, is the Alter of the Fatherland, or National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II (Altre della Patria), and it’s a monument to the first King of a unified Italy.

Of course like all cities, there were monuments everywhere and to all sorts of things. Though of course, around here they tend to be slightly older than some other countries. This one is the Marcus Aurelius Column.

 photo IMG_5050_zpsca4ba6b4.jpg

How the tourist groups choose to get about and see these monuments though, is a sign of the times. Ahh progress.

 photo IMG_5062_zpsc8c46300.jpg

Given that it is such an old city, I found it quite enthralling to go to the oldest, still in use building. Even if it is no longer being used for its original purpose.

 photo IMG_5079_zps01b37f19.jpg

The Pantheon.

 photo IMG_5085_zps4ca79360.jpg

Built by Marcus Agrippa 14AD, burned in the great fire, and re-built by Hadrian in 126AD It was a house of worship for all the gods, until the Catholics claimed it in the 7th Century. It has the distinction of having, still to this day, the worlds largest unreinforced concrete dome. But to get a good view of that we needed to come back in daylight!

Hope you’re enjoying our trip re-enactment so far! I look forward to showing off the rest of our adventures in Rome over the next few days.

3 thoughts on “Italy, Rome – Part 1

  1. Definitely enjoying the trip re-enactment here! Looks like you might have been foot-sore and almost tempted to jump on a segway of your own after walking all over and around! So many places to see!

    (the Smart car in our neighborhood parks exactly like that. Except instead of being silver and subtle, it’s bright red with a huge Swiss cross on the side. Classy and understated, right?)

    1. We were talking about the foot sore the other day! We’ve noticed that the seond day is agony, but by day 4 or 5 we just keep walking and it doesn’t bother us anymore 🙂 I can’t see me jumping on A Segway any time in the near future 😛

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