Italy, Florence – Part 1

Florence was beautiful. Florence is beautiful. It is patently obvious from the moment you step off the train why so many people yearn to go there, and then forever yearn to go back again. I purposely organised all our travel days to have no commitments other than travel, and was rewarded for this when the travel ended up being really easy and uncomplicated!

 photo IMG_3620_zpsed3c6bdd.jpg

We arrived with no hassles, walked our bags to the new hotel, got settled, and then were free to head out and roam around this beautiful city!

 photo IMG_3622_zps30833b7c.jpg

Of course, it is a very popular city too, and even though this was considered as close to the off season as Florence gets, the streets were still utterly packed!

 photo IMG_3627_zpscecb3f8b.jpg

We didn’t let this put us off though! We headed down into the centre of town towards the Ponte Vecchio. This is the bridge that spans the Arno at its narrowest point.

 photo IMG_3640_zpsb612ea19.jpg

We were lucky enough to be there at a time to get a perfect view of the game going on just up the river! It looked like soccer but played in kayaks. They moved with incredible speed!

 photo IMG_3649_zps1b29371e.jpg

The rest of the bridge is covered in jewellery shops. It’s completely amazing and very sparkly! Many, many beautiful pieces made by obvious masters of the profession.

 photo IMG_3654_zps57b6b6d9.jpg

Walking up and down each side of the bridge we each found things that captured our attentions. Once we had completed a circuit though we were both in need of some sustenance, and we found the perfect place to replenish our blood sugar levels.

 photo IMG_3679_zps17064be7.jpg

After sugaring up on some of the creamiest gelato I’d ever eaten, we decided that what we actually required was dinner. So we meandered back in the direction of the hotel just keeping an eye out for somewhere that looked like a likely candidate.

 photo IMG_3684_zps0abcd582.jpg

We kept being side tracked by all the wonderful sights that assail your senses when you’re in a new city though. It was really hard not to stop at the Piazza della Repubblica and listen to the musicians. It was difficult to restrain your feet from dancing along! So I didn’t. I wasn’t alone either!

 photo IMG_3693_zps73d22de2.jpg

It was difficult not to get drawn into the leather market either! The sights, the sounds, the smells! Do you feel the same way about the smell of leather as I do? I adore the smell of leather, and suddenly found myself in heaven! Everything that could be made out of leather was! Jackets, handbags, wallets, books, key-rings, rubbish cans, dishes … you name it!

Tomorrow begins with even more leather! So come back and read some more of our adventures then!

4 thoughts on “Italy, Florence – Part 1

  1. I had heard that, unlike other Italian cities, Florence never really has an off-season period, so it’s interesting to read your confirmation of that. What gelato flavours did you try?

    1. Let’s phrase it as; if Florence has on off season, we weren’t there in it. 😉

      *checks my notes* That day my flavours were strawberry and lemon. Over the whole trip though, Amaretto ended up being my favourite 🙂

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