Today’s Table – Dreambird

There were a few questions when I posted about visiting Enkhuizen, regarding the yarn I bought. The project I was in the middle of was one you’ve all seen before, my Dreambird. The inspiration came from a ball of Kauni in the “EQ” colourway.

 photo IMG_9101_zps2f48491f.jpg

I love the rainbow so much! And had been dreaming of this yarn since it was first brought to my attention years ago!

 photo IMG_1145_zpsdd36b4ca.jpg

I had completed the first repeat of the rainbow when I realised I was running out of black, and needed to source another ball to complete my shawl.

 photo IMG_1846_zps4907ecba.jpg

Once I got the second ball of black I was able to continue, and now I’m nearly done! I just want to add a couple more leaves so that it hangs easily and evenly. I can’t wait to wear it! Of course, coming into Summer that may be a little while off yet!

Just because I can, here is a picture of the Boys.

 photo IMG_1138_zpscaba13e2.jpg

I’m sure they are dreaming of the sunny days which are just around the corner, when they can hang out on the balcony again in the sunshine!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Table – Dreambird

  1. The Dreambird is looking lovely! Can’t wait to see what it looks like on you 🙂

    And the photo of the lads.. *flails and dies of cute*

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