Spring has come to Amsterdam!

 photo IMG_1695_zpsda96b93f.jpg

Tulips line the streets…

 photo IMG_1696_zpsf5596cea.jpg

… and everywhere you look there is colour and vibrancy!

 photo IMG_1697_zpsdc14ed40.jpg

I must admit the concept of cured herring seems more palatable while the weather is warmer too. Though I still feel no inclination to indulge.

 photo IMG_1699_zps3b8bd5bb.jpg

Flower boxes full of tulips are a guaranteed smile inducer for me!

 photo IMG_1701_zps7c2a4df1.jpg

And though you’ll never get Amsterdammers off their bikes …

 photo IMG_1703_zps98e18c54.jpg

… it is nice to see the jackets getting a little less bulky!

And any day now there’ll be new chicks!

 photo IMG_1705_zps27587174.jpg

I can’t wait! I’ll have to keep an eye out in the parks!

3 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. It’s true that the farewell to (or less-frequent wearing of) bulky jackets and the appearance of tulips are enough to make me smile and make it feel like spring, and summer, is finally coming!

    (not ready for the herring, either, but it’s nice to see the stand is open!)

  2. Such gorgeous pics to look at especially on a day we are getting snow here!! Love seeing your pics always.

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