Footpath Ladybugs

Hallo mijn faithful readers! The Netherlands is in the middle of a long weekend, so I hope you’ll forgive the brevity of this post.

I wasn’t long in Amsterdam before I noticed that some of the paving tiles in the streets of Amsterdam had ladybugs on them. It’s a joyous little touch that adds light and happiness to my day, and a smile to my face whenever I see them.

 photo IMG_2688_zps3e2f3f5b.jpg

It took me a little while to figure out what they were, and what they were for. Mostly because I kept forgetting to look them up when I got back to a computer. When I did take a photo, and therefore remember to search them, it turned out that they are to raise awareness for the National Foundation Against Senseless Violence. (Link in Nederlands.)

As a concept I love it! And it’s a cause I can definitely get behind! As someone who wasn’t around when the project was launched, they aren’t obviously apparent what they represent.

But they are a sweet ray of sunshine in a very overcast Spring.

Welcome to the week everyone!

2 thoughts on “Footpath Ladybugs

  1. I like that-an actual foundation against Senseless Violence! Who knew there was such a thing? I think we saw some other animals on the sidewalk too one time-what were they again….ah, they were hares. I remember because I had to explain to Andreas what a hare was. I think there were pigs and bears too so I have no idea what that is all about. And look-it’s only 0.3°C off the coldest May in record…

    1. I’ve heard from a friend that they’ve branched out into other designs, but the lady bugs are what I saw first 😉

      This explains why I still have the heater on! *shivers*

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