Spring in Amsterdam

A simple post in list form. Spring in Amsterdam consists of several things.

– Tea with friends.

 photo IMG_3110_zps0418557b.jpg

– Beer with friends while knitting.

 photo IMG_3111_zps08fa9acf.jpg

– Tiny new leaves erupting from the trees which line the canals.

 photo IMG_3253_zps478fd9dd.jpg

– Wine with friends.

 photo IMG_3261_zpscaea1074.jpg

– At a wonderfully (and aptly) named cafe.

 photo IMG_3263_zps5e9c66a8.jpg

– Breakfast on Rembrandtplein amongst the tourists.

 photo IMG_3271_zpsd34675ce.jpg

– And clogs being hand carved in Leidseplein. (bottom left)

 photo IMG_3275_zpsfd34a7d1.jpg

Can you feel the excitement of renewal in the air? It’s a wonderful time to be alive!

4 thoughts on “Spring in Amsterdam

  1. Urgh. I so want to be you right now *sigh*

    On the upside I have a Goth Wedding to go this weekend and the reception is just a few doors up the road from yours. Enmore … the Goth Capital of Australia!

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