Rembrandt Park

Sometimes you need to be reminded to walk in a new direction. I know we fall into the trap of going the way we know. It’s a safe, it’s known, you know what to expect around each corner. Sometimes you need to force yourself out of that rut, and make a change! So today, we went off to appreciate Spring in Rembrandt Park.

 photo IMG_0642_zpsed97d304.jpg

We were repaid for this decision in a myriad of little ways. Starting with this beautiful family who were out enjoying the sunshine!

 photo IMG_0653_zpsac677346.jpg

These two giant dog sculptures which keep guard over the park tickled my sense of whimsy and are a beautiful testament to a city which is devoted to its canine companions.

 photo IMG_0655_zps2541e68c.jpg

There was other art too, which was a little more random and possibly thought provoking.

 photo IMG_0668_zps9e986415.jpg

I love watching all the leaves erupting their way out of the dead-looking branches. It was something which I don’t remember making an impact on me last year. There are few possible reasons behind this, the main one being that I was so overwhelmed with so many new things to see, that it didn’t occur to me to wonder at the changing of the season.

 photo IMG_0661_zps11580e3a.jpg

At the top of the park there was a wonderful and unexpected surprise! A petting farm!!!

 photo IMG_0681_zps718e7e4d.jpg

With horses, and ponies, and a donkey,

 photo IMG_0679_zps5e89896e.jpg

and rabbits and chickens and pigs and goats and sheep …!!!

 photo IMG_0691_zps25ecf405.jpg

It was the most amazing surprise! I can’t wait to go back (in some older clothes, and without the big expensive camera around my neck) so I can go in and pet and play with all the animals! I’m going to pet a chicken! 😀

 photo IMG_0699_zpsac63d710.jpg

There are so many wonderful parkland spaces all over Amsterdam, but it’s this one that makes me want to organise another Teddy Bears Picnic like we used to have each Summer at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. Who’s up for it? Red cordial, fairy bread, and chocolate crackles for the WIN!!!

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