Reasons I love the Netherlands number 1654764513 … 5

Did you know there’s a moving Fair? It’s called Kermis, and you can track its progress around Holland here.

 photo IMG_2997_zps30903494.jpg

And we went! It was in Dam Square! You can’t keep me away from a fair!

 photo IMG_2998_zpsc29f9aa3.jpg

But I was a bit sick, so we only went up on the Ferris Wheel, as I think spinning around, upside down, in 3C, with wind-chill factor, and no hat, wouldn’t have done my blocked ears or head cold much good.

We watched other people be upside-down on the fun rides though.

 photo IMG_3026_zpsa6b392eb.jpg

Swinging through the cold air.

 photo IMG_3018_zpsde3bcf15.jpg

They all looked like ants from up there!

 photo IMG_3033_zps1c250d9b.jpg

I’d like to point out at this point too, in those last few photos, check out how utterly deadpan flat the landscape is. *nods* Yep. Holland.

There was a two story carousel too! And Himself offered to go on it with me, but I was wise to his tricks! I knew he just wanted to race me again but take the inside track so he’d beat me this time! We didn’t go on, therefore I remain victorious from our last race in Montmartre!

 photo IMG_3038_zps8442e2f3.jpg

Himself went through the Haunted House without me. I was feeling a bit under the weather, and was being amused by watching the anamatronic skeleton spit water at unsuspecting passers by.

 photo IMG_3044_zps46ba4281.jpg

I had noticed the puddles of water on the ground and without knowing what they were from, avoided stepping in them. Success! I was dry! 😀

Opposite the Dam, under the Monument seemed to be playing host to the world’s largest pillow fight.
 photo IMG_3053_zps50c4744d.jpg

As much fun as this looked like, Himself and I opted to pass on by this particular event, and go sit in a café to watch the stragglers leave the fight covered in down.

A good day all ’round really!

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