The Diamond Museum

I’m loving Spring. We have been having the most beautiful weather. Not exactly warm, but finally consistently above zero (even if that does mean 5C).

 photo IMG_2843_zps88c5bb41.jpg

Actually seeing the seasons change is quite remarkable! And you don’t even know you’re missing it in Australia!

As you can see above, it was a glorious Spring day, and we were wondering what we could do. Himself hit upon going to the Diamond Museum as it’s connected to our Museum Cards.

 photo IMG_2920_zps4c9508dd.jpg

There was so much sparkle! Most of the pieces were reproductions,

 photo IMG_2871_zpsa79e8bab.jpg

… but there were a couple of real diamonds to emphasise what sparkle really is!

There were some wonderful displays of how diamonds are processed and cut, and then this cabinet with reproductions of the most famous diamonds in the word.

 photo IMG_2874_zps8f9f6373.jpg

This article made me proud to be Australian. No really!

 photo IMG_2883_zpse0affa14.jpg

Who’d be stupid enough to steal something that major without having a buyer already lined up for it?!? Instantly worthless! Doofuses!

I loved the crown room and would have liked to try a few pieces on! This one should be familiar to the British Empire …

 photo IMG_2890_zps5bbce2f0.jpg

Here, I’ll give you a hint!

 photo IMG_2892_zps79623eb6.jpg

I think I need more crowns in my wardrobe. For just day to day use. Don’t you think?

 photo IMG_2911_zps5db2de18.jpg

The pièce de résistance was the Coster Diamonds gorilla skull, “inspired by” Damien Hirst.

 photo IMG_2915_zps5e34b092.jpg

It is a stunning piece that is set with over twice as many diamonds (over 17.000 brilliant cuts) as the Hirst piece, and the skull is cast in silver in order to heighten the sparkle of the stones.

All in all, not a bad way to spend some time. Not overly convinced I would have gone in if it hadn’t effectively been free though!

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