Today’s Table – Super Hero Swap

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’ve been working on secret projects for a swap on Ravelry. The theme was Super Heroes. The person I’m spoiling loves Captain America, and so my mission was to make something for her in the theme of her favourite Super Hero.

 photo IMG_2834_zpsc60cd3f7.jpg

I ascertained that she loves hats, but not beanies, and the iconic shield leant itself neatly to a beret shape. So I worked top down, and made it up as I went along.

Of course once the beret was finished it needed matching gloves to set off the outfit!

 photo IMG_2836_zps0b960f88.jpg

So this made up the basis for my package. There’s a bunch of other little things on theme as well. I hope the recipient likes them!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Table – Super Hero Swap

  1. What a lucky recipient! The hat is impressive (my mind looks at it, attempts to reverse engineer it and then there are *pops* and *fizzles* and a blue screen of death, heh heh).

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